Teching Together

Hey there! 👋🏻👋🏾

We'll keep this introduction short and sweet: This is a shiny new tech blog from Zahra and Syeef, a newlywed developer/designer couple.

After getting married last summer and spending a few months acclimatising to this new chapter of our lives, we have found ourselves often talking through ideas for tech projects we can work on together, but the follow-through so far has been... ahem... somewhat lacking. So we thought it might be worthwhile to set up a blog to share our work to spur us on and help us track our growth.

There has been increasing focus in parts of the industry lately on the intersection of code and design and we hope to be able to join in on the fun and contribute some interesting ideas to the conversation.

So, what's our next post going to be about? No, it's not an explanation of how we built this blog (although if there's interest we're happy to do that!). Instead, we'll be running through the making of Trast, our interactive colour contrast tool, which has been a long time coming.

Until next time, folks,

Z + S